Women in P&P: same leadership, different perspective

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Event News

If the Breakfast Panel demonstrated that times are changing in the pulp and paper industry, Tuesday’s luncheon, featuring 5 women in industry leadership positions showed that the wind of change is also bringing more and more women aboard the sector.

Participants were: Evelyne Thiffault, Forestry Faculty, Université Laval; Irene Preto, Operation Specialist, Mercer Celgar; Anne-Marie Hubert, Managing Partner, Ey Canada; Marie Cyr, Pulp mill manager, Domtar Windsor; and Melanie Paul, President, Inukshuk Energy.

While Irene Preto saluted Mercer Celgar for opening the doors of the Board of Directors to women, Marie Cyr said that pulp and paper was a family thing for her. “We all work for different companies so we make comparisons and laugh about it.” She finds the industry offers great opportunities to women and it’s up to them to grab hold of them.

Evelyne Thiffault said that forestry has evolved and that “we went from forest management to a more community-based type of management. She added that the “making the world a better place” type of approach is attracting more young women engineers.

Anne Marie Hubert talked about flexibility and flexible work arrangements. “Women are different and they bring a different perspective.” Melanie Paul added that there was a story to be told about working and giving back to the community. “We bring a more systemic, more holistic approach to leadership,” she concluded.

Jaclin Ouellet
Journalist, Paper Advance