Changes to Staff Roles at FSC Canada

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Staff changes are essential for organizations like FSC Canada to adapt and thrive in a dynamic environment.

These changes allow for a strategic realignment of skills and expertise to address evolving priorities. These role changes are indicative of FSC Canada's proactive approach to better serve its stakeholders and drive positive change in the forestry sector. Below are the recent changes to staff roles:

fsc 25sept23 2Elaine Marchand is now the Director of Forest Management Standards

Elaine will now move into the role of Director of Forest Management Standards at FSC Canada. This position is a key leadership role responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of rigorous, recognized standards for responsible forest management.This role involves continuous collaboration with stakeholders, including environmental experts, Indigenous communities, industry representatives, unions, and eNGOs, to ensure that FSC's standards align with the highest environmental, social, and economic principles.

The Director plays a critical role in upholding FSC's commitment to sustainable forestry practices by shaping standards that guide forest certification processes, promote biodiversity conservation, and support the well-being of forest-dependent communities, ultimately contributing to keeping our forests for all forever. FSC Canada will be looking to replace Elaine’s previous role as Eastern Canada Manager over the next few months.

fsc 25sept23 3Vivian Peachey is now the Director of Climate and Landscape Solutions

Vivian takes on the new role of Director of Climate and Landscape Solutions at FSC Canada. The position is responsible to use the power of markets and investment to fully value forests while bringing tools and strategies to address climate change and biodiversity collapse. This pivotal role will build on the Ecosystem Service Procedure and Forest Management Standard to promote implementation, while considering other nature-based solutions.

The role will involve forging partnerships with Indigenous leaders, experts and stakeholders, in addition to advocating for policies and developing tools and strategies that strengthen Indigenous-led and other solutions to combat climate change while fostering sustainable land use practices. The Director collaborates with a diverse range of stakeholders to integrate climate mitigation efforts into forestry and landscape management, contributing to the organization's mission of protecting forests and combating climate change and biodiversity loss on a global scale.

fsc 25sept23 4Monika Patel is now the Director of Communications & Marketing

Monika will now add marketing to her roles and responsibilities. The Communications & Marketing Director at FSC Canada is a key leadership position tasked with overseeing the organization's communication strategies and marketing initiatives. In this role, the Director is responsible for crafting and disseminating messages that highlight FSC's mission and impact to diverse audiences, including stakeholders, the public, and the business community.

This involves developing and executing comprehensive marketing campaigns, managing media relations, and coordinating outreach efforts to raise awareness about sustainable forest management practices. The Director plays a vital role in fostering public support, engaging stakeholders, and driving positive change in the forest and environmental sectors through effective communication and marketing strategies.

Contact information for all staff remains the same. View a list of all FSC Canada staff here.

Source: FSC Canada