Johan Börjesson New Senior Researcher at RISE Processum

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We welcome Johan Börjesson, who in the beginning of September joined RISE Processum as a senior project manager. Johan will be part of the biotechnology group, but has a broad role where he will work to connect projects across all working groups at Processum.

Johan brings a long international experience in the field of biorefinery, having worked in various roles in Denmark, the United States and Scotland. - We are very happy to have recruited Johan to the biotechnology group. Johan will, among other things, contribute to strengthening our contract research operations, coordinate research projects and contribute with his expertise in scaling up bioprocesses, says Björn Alriksson, group manager for the biotechnology group at Processum.

Johan, who was born and raised in Järna south of Södertälje, began his studies in nutrition. However, he soon realized that he wanted to take a closer look at chemistry and chose to study in Linköping. - After 2.5 years in Linköping, I felt that I wanted to add more engineering subjects. Therefore, I studied chemical engineering in Lund and graduated in 2002. After that, I also did my doctorate in biochemistry in Lund and my dissertation focused on enzymatic hydrolysis of pre-treated spruce. My main focus was surface interactions between the enzymes and the material, Johan explains.

Immediately after his doctorate, Johan started working as a researcher at the Danish biotechnology company Novozymes, which manufactures industrial enzymes for a variety of applications. After seven years in Denmark, Johan moved to the United States, where he worked for two years at one of Novozymes' research and production units in North Carolina. - I was project manager for a joint development agreement Novozymes had with Biochemtex in Italy. The project involved developing the enzymes and processes specific to that plant in collaboration with the Italian operations.

After nine years at Novozymes, however, Johan felt it was time to expand and do something new. - There had been a little too many enzymes there for a while, Johan smiles. This time he moved to Scotland and the first year he worked at a medical technology company before Johan took on the role of technical manager at the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Center (IBioIC), a state-funded innovation center in Glasgow, one of eight in various strategic areas. Attached to IBioIC are 120-130 member companies, which span the entire bioeconomy sector. The cluster includes larger companies such as Unilever, GlaxoSmithKlein and a number of start-ups. - It gave me very good training in going into a meeting with a company and quickly finding out what it is they want, what they need and how I can help them, and then supply the right contacts, says Johan. Johan looks forward to continue with networking and contact creation in his role at Processum - I will work across all groups at Processum, as well as nationally and internationally to build new research areas and projects and connect stakeholders. A great part of my job is to see new contacts being made, creating real results and new collaborations.”

In his spare time, Johan spends a lot of time outdoors and exercises often, especially running. He has run a number of ultra-races over the years. Now he also wants to add more cycling and swimming, to later perhaps participate in swimrun, a sport where the practitioner alternates between swimming and running without stopping. – I also will definitely take up skiing again! Both in cross-country and alpine, says Johan. He also enjoys taking his dog out for walks in the nearby forest. Örnsköldsvik's large range of training opportunities close to nature feels like a good match.

After an international career, which took him to Denmark, North Carolina and Glasgow, Johan looks forward to landing on Swedish soil. - It will be fun to finally work in Sweden! Johan concludes.

RISE Processum is very happy to have Johan join our team and wish him a warm welcome to Sweden and Örnsköldsvik!

Source: RISE