Parliamentary Secretary Rudd on Supporting Canadian Forestry


In an interview with Paper Advance during PaperWeek 2016, Kim Rudd, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources, outlined her government's vision for supporting Canada's forestry sector.

Key to this vision is acceptance of the fact that economic growth and environmental responsibility work in cohesion, Rudd says. 'We recognize we need to grow our economy and we see the forest sector as having a huge role in this.'

Pillars of the government's strategy also include assistance for the sector in its efforts to move into clean technology, partnering with science, in particular the Ministry of Natural Resources, to ensure new processes are backed up by solid data, the promotion of Canadian exports through proposed tax credits for investment in clean technology and the development of new trade opportunities to assist companies in their efforts to move their products to a broader range of markets, and significant investment in training and education opportunities for Indigenous people living in communities where forestry companies/processes are based.

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