Disposable face protection from PAWI

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Like other companies, the PAWI Group founded a pandemic team right at the beginning of the Covid 19 crisis. We laid down rules of conduct to protect our employees, customers and business partners, and implemented measures to ensure seamless production.

During this time, reports emerged all over the world about the scarcity of protective equipment, especially mouth and face protection. Sheer desperation and the lack of adequate resources has already driven many doctors to improvise DIY face masks.

This gave the innovation team at the PAWI Group the idea of making our own line of facial protection masks. Resourceful minds immediately dealt with this topic, as the PAWI group has the necessary means for such a project at its disposal.

The masks made by PAWI consist of cardboard and a viewing window made of PET window film and can therefore be disposed of in the easiest way after use via normal waste separation, like a normal folding box. Thanks to the universal plug closure on the headband, the mask can be made to fit any head size. The face mask does not protect against infection, but it is the ideal complement to a conventional mouthguard and protects the user from direct contact with so-called droplets, caused when people in the immediate vicinity sneeze or cough. Hospitals in the region have shown great interest in disposable face protection. PAWI sees the use of face protection not only in hospitals, but also in nursing homes, supermarkets, or in a private setting – wherever people meet and want to protect themselves.

The PAWI face protection is not CE tested and therefore not officially approved for medical care facilities and clinics. In crisis situations such as the current pandemic, such face protection is certainly a welcome means of providing additional protection for particularly exposed persons.

Production of the disposable face masks has begun, and large shipments can be delivered pretty soon.

The company PAWI Verpackungen AG is also a member of the International Packaging Group Association (IPG) as the Swiss representative. This is a global association of folding carton and packaging producers and leading suppliers to the packaging industry worldwide. Andreas Keller, the Managing Director of PAWI Group, is the chairman of this organisation. Through its membership in the IPG, PAWI has access to a worldwide network of colleagues in the production and distribution of disposable face protection.

The PAWI Group is a medium-sized, owner-managed company with locations in Winterthur and Singen. The PAWI Group employs around 250 people and uses cutting-edge technology to produce folding boxes and bags, primarily for the food industry. This is done in compliance with the highest hygiene requirements and ecological considerations. Our focus is on the highest level of innovation and quality, short delivery times and great flexibility. Lean processes, high productivity and the best possible automation are continuously adapted and optimized to the circumstances.

Source: PAWI