WestRock's CanCollar® is a family of durable, environmentally friendly, paperboard-based multipack solutions for cans

Paper Advancement

CanCollar® achieves maximum consumer appeal while using the minimum amount of material required to perform the necessary function of holding the cans together through the supply chain.

Patent-pending tooth design and wet strength CarrierKote® paperboard create a minimalist yet robust paperboard ring. CarrierKote is a renewable, responsibly-sourced, recyclable paperboard, containing up to 15% recycled content. The CanCollar surface can be printed or embellished to reinforce brand elements and elevate the consumer experience. Consumers love the stylish design and find it easy to use, eco-friendly, and “surprisingly strong”, while manufacturers love the solution’s efficiency. 


The CanCollar® family offers a fit-for-use solution for a variety of can sizes and configurations to meet the requirements for a range of supply chain conditions and customer needs:  

CanCollar® – our classic offering popular with craft breweries

  • CanCollar meets brewer and consumers’ requirements while using 95% less plastic than the leading competitive alternative.
  • The wet-strength CarrierKote material is laminated to reinforce the pack against the most rigorous supply chain conditions including significant moisture and rough handling in distribution and by consumers.   
  • CanCollar is recyclable where facilities exist to recover poly-coated paperboard products.   
  • Application of CanCollar is extremely easy using WestRock's Chunk platform.  

CanCollar® Eco – our most minimalist paperboard solution for high speed application 

  • CanCollar Eco is a single-ply of wet-strength CarrierKote paperboard for the lowest material use and cost solution.   
  • The tooth design is optimized for performance in high-speed application and supply chain handling. 
  • As CanCollar Eco is 100% paperboard, it is recyclable wherever beverage cartons are accepted. 
  • CanCollar Eco can be easily applied with WestRock’s Chunk device or deployed at high speed on the CanCollar® Fortuna platform.

CanCollar® Forte – our 100% paperboard solution for supply chains with high moisture 

  • CanCollar Forte’s double-ply paperboard construction offers robust product retention through the demands of the retail supply chain.  
  • As CanCollar Forte is 100% paperboard, it is recyclable wherever beverage cartons are accepted.   
  • Application of CanCollar Forte is extremely easy using WestRock's Chunk platform.   

Source: WestRock