Recent survey: Young people want to buy their food in cartonboard packaging

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According to a survey commissioned by Stora Enso and Valio, more than half of Finnish youths say that they prefer cartonboard packaging over plastic packaging when choosing food products.

The renewability of the packaging material is important especially for those young people who are most concerned about climate change.

The survey carried out in May 2019 shows that four out of five Finnish youths aged 15–29 are worried about climate change. Half of the young people say that they are very worried. Three out of four would rather choose food packaged in cartonboard than in plastic.

For youths, renewable material is an important feature in food packaging. According to the survey, renewable raw materials are important for two thirds of the respondents, and renewability is considered to be more important than the compostability or ease of use of the packaging. The renewability of the packaging material holds the greatest importance for the young people who are most concerned about climate change – close to 80 per cent of them say that renewability is important for them. According to the survey, the role of packaging in ensuring the cleanliness and quality of the food product and in reducing food waste is also an important feature.

Based on the survey, six out of ten youths believe that the threats of climate change can be mitigated. Youths worried about climate change want more information on what solutions Finnish organisations, such as the state, municipalities and companies have to offer to mitigate climate change. Almost all of those who are most concerned about climate change consider it important for researchers and companies in Finland to develop packaging made from renewable materials, such as wood.

The SuomiAreena public debate forum will discuss packaging, food and climate myths

The survey that sheds lights on the attitudes of youths regarding climate change, food products and packaging materials is related to the panel discussion organised by Stora Enso and Valio on SuomiAreena public debate forum in Finland: “Fiilis vai fakta? Nyt murretaan ilmastomyyttejä pakkauksista ja ruuasta” (Feeling or fact? Breaking climate myths around packaging and food).

Led by journalist Riku Rantala, the discussion looks into consumers’ everyday climate choices and whether consumption decisions are made based on facts or feelings. The participants in the discussion are Pekka Haavisto, Finland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tuuli Kaskinen from Demos Helsinki, Sofia Savonen from Nuorten Agenda 2030, Juha Nousiainen from Valio and Seppo Parvi from Stora Enso. The discussion event will be held on SuomiAreena’s Purje stage on Wednesday 17 July 2019 at 4.00–5.00 p.m.

The views of Finnish youths on climate change, food, food packaging materials and Finnish companies’ measures to mitigate climate change were surveyed through the consumer panels managed by CINT Ab from 3 to 12 May 2019. More than 1 000 youths, representative of Finns aged 15–29 in terms of age, gender and geographical location, responded to the survey. The survey was designed and carried out by Prior Konsultointi Oy.

Source : Stora Enso