MoRe Research installs RedEye in its pilot digester plant

“Until now we have had to take samples and measure manually with chemical analysis, but now we will be able to get real-time data during the cooking process,” says Lars Sundvall, MoRe Research

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The PulpEye analyzer RedEye measures liquor properties online during the cooking process as well as in the chemical recovery cycle.

MoRe Research, a subsidiary of RISE Sweden, has purchased a RedEye analyzer for continuous monitoring of the cooking process in the unique pilot digester. At the same time also PulpEye's new colour meter was installed.

RedEye is a cost-efficient and robust NIR-spectrophotometer analyzer of liquors in the recovery cycle as well as for continuous follow-up of the cooking process, being it sulphate or sulphite. Analysis data for effective alkali, active alkali, residual alkali and total titratable can be presented. Due to the spectrophotometric technology RedEye is also used to measure sugar content in ethanol as well as liquors in dissolving cellulose processes.

“RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, is currently building a pilot hall for many unique testbeds in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, an investment of close to SEK 300 million,” says Lars Sundvall, Manager Cellulose technology at MoRe Research. “Part of the project is that MoRe Research takes a RedEye analyzer into operation in our pilot digester plant. We will e.g. be able to measure alkali content online for the sulphate cooking but also connect things like dissolved carbohydrates, dissolved lignin and see how they develop during the cooking process. Until now we have had to take samples and measure manually with chemical analysis, but now we will be able to get real-time data during the cooking process.”

“The new online colour meter, which we use in sulphite cooking to end the cook at the right viscosity level for dissolving cooks based on the colour, was installed at the same time. Previously, we took a sample from the circulation pipe and analysed it manually, which caused a time delay. Now we just need to watch the colour change and can end the cooking process at exactly the right time.”

“We are incredibly happy that MoRe Research chose our online analyzers RedEye and the new colour meter for the upgraded and unique pilot digester plant,” says Öjvind Sundvall, MD of PulpEye. “The testbed that RISE is establishing in Örnsköldsvik will be a fantastic opportunity for the forest industry, institutes and academia to develop products and processes for the green bioeconomy in a true biorefinery spirit, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

For more information, please contact:
Öjvind Sundvall, MD PulpEye,
Mobile: +46 70 618 63 02. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PulpEye is a Swedish innovative measurement technology company, focusing on online applications and services in the pulp and paper industry, with the whole world as its market. The main product is the PulpEye pulp analyzer. Its offices are located in Örnsköldsvik, Friedrichshafen in Germany, Ottawa and Vancouver in Canada as well as Matata in New Zealand.