AFRY Partners with Assocarta to Decarbonize Italian Pulp and Paper Industry

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AFRY, a leader in engineering, design, digital and advisory services, has been selected by Assocarta, the Italian paper association, to create a net-zero roadmap for the country's pulp and paper sector.

This initiative aligns with the European Union's sustainability framework while considering Italy's specific needs and technological advancements.

AFRY's comprehensive assessment will encompass several key aspects:

  • Decarbonization Roadmap: A strategic plan outlining the most effective path towards net-zero emissions for the sector.
  • Technological Solutions: Identifying best-available technologies that can help Italian pulp and paper companies achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Regulatory and Infrastructure Challenges: Pinpointing potential roadblocks related to regulations and infrastructure that may hinder progress.
  • Competitive Advantages: Exploring opportunities for Italian pulp and paper companies to gain a competitive edge through sustainable practices.
  • Sector Analysis and Scenarios: Providing an in-depth analysis of the current state of the Italian pulp and paper industry, along with potential future scenarios extending to 2030.
  • Policy Recommendations: Developing targeted policy recommendations to support the sector's decarbonization efforts.

"We are honored to contribute to the Italian pulp and paper industry's journey towards a more sustainable future," said Visa Moilanen, AFRY's Head of Pulp & Paper business. "Our multidisciplinary team, combining expertise from across Europe, ensures we bring the best possible knowledge to this crucial undertaking."

AFRY's commitment goes beyond the industry-wide roadmap. The company offers tailored decarbonization plans for individual Italian pulp and paper producers, catering to their specific operations and projects.

Assocarta, representing over 90% of the Italian production in the pulp and paper sector, plays a pivotal role in driving industry-wide initiatives and fostering collaboration among stakeholders. As part of Confindustria and a member of CEPI (the European federation for pulp and paper industries), Assocarta is at the forefront of advocating for sustainable practices and innovation in the sector.

AFRY, with its Nordic roots and global reach, is uniquely positioned to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable society. With a team of 19,000 experts spanning various industries, AFRY leverages its engineering, design, digital, and advisory services to create lasting impact for generations to come.