The Contra-Shear Next Generation is Here!

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Melbourne, May 1st, 2024 - Following its predecessor’s tradition and long track record, the Contra-Shear Next Generation is here at last!

With this design, Johnson Screens is proud to offer improved features and innovations that will assist every user in realizing their environmental sustainability goals.

“There were several goals in mind when designing the Contra-Shear Next Generation,” says Denys Visser, Global Research and Product Manager for Johnson Screens. “Our main focus was to increase solids dewatering and capture rate provided by the previous generation’s equipment. That expands the range of applications for the Contra-Shear Next Generation and makes it the ideal liquid-solid separation solution for many industries.”

As with the traditional Contra-Shear, the self-cleaning, internally fed rotary fine screen relies on the shear force effect created by the drum rotation to enhance the separation of solids from the effluent. Screened effluent passes through the Vee-Wire® slots into a tank from which it is pumped for further processing. Solids in the dewatering zone amalgamate and are continuously rolled thanks to the rotation of the screen drum, resulting in further reduction of liquid content.

“We incorporated solutions to enhance the quality of the processes while reducing operating costs,” says Denys. The new design includes an external rack and pinion drive mounted on the clean side of the screen, leaving no impurities on drive elements and good accessibility during maintenance. No chains, sprockets, oilers, or other wearing parts or lubrication are required. An angled frame rail prevents the settling of solids/liquids inside the machine by removing flat surfaces. “That remarkably improves process hygiene by reducing contamination risk.” Lastly, Denys adds, “the redesigned trommel support wheels allow replacement in situ without drum removal or lifting, which significantly simplifies maintenance by reducing the associated labor and downtime costs.”

Maximizing process control and efficiency was another guideline while designing the Contra-Shear Next Generation. The addition of clear side view hatches enables direct process observation and improves process visibility. Johnson Screens’ knowledge of Contra-Shear technology also allows our specialists to accomplish the same level of dewatering as the previous generation Contra-Shear with fewer and/or smaller Next Generation models.

The Contra-Shear Next Generation is available in 304 & 316 stainless steel and provides efficient solids separation, thickening, and dewatering!

About Johnson Screens

Johnson Screens is the leading global provider of screening and auxiliary solutions. We support a wide range of industries, such as water wells, environmental, energy, chemicals, food and beverage, and mining, with our highly engineered and precisely fabricated products.