Five minutes with… Annica Bresky, CEO of Stora Enso


Stora Enso develops and produces solutions based on wood and biomass for a range of industries and applications worldwide, leading in the bioeconomy and supporting the development of renewable eco-friendly products. 

Annica Bresky will be appearing on the CEO Discussion Panel at the World Bioeconomy Forum (WCBEF) virtual event to be broadcast live from Ruka, Finland on 10th September 2020. She spoke to the WCBEF about Stora Enso’s role in the circular bioeconomy as well as operating in a post COVID-19 world.

How important is the circular bioeconomy to your business and the industries you serve, and do you have a specific, inclusive, bioeconomy strategy for the future for the company you lead?  

Stora Enso is in a unique position to lead a transition from a linear to a circular economy.

The world needs materials that are both renewable, reusable, recyclable and fossil free - a circular bioeconomy - to combat global warming and to minimise waste.

We operate at the core of the circular bioeconomy. For us the overall business strategy is our bioeconomy strategy. It is not a separate process, but the essence of our business.

Do you see the circular bioeconomy as having an important role in the post Covid-19 world?  

Indeed. As the global economy recovers, the world has an opportunity to speed up the transition away from fossil energy and material dependency. Here, our renewable materials are a key solution as they store carbon and replace fossil-based materials.

A direct impact from the coronavirus outbreak is the increased awareness about personal hygiene, food safety and safety of packaging and materials. Also here, renewable materials is instrumental as they are naturally suited to protect products in a safe, hygienic and sustainable way.

The World Bioeconomy Forum has a diverse range of high-level speakers and panellists, what are you hoping to achieve by taking part in the event, and what are your hopes for the future of the circular bioeconomy?      

I look forward to sharing my experiences of how Stora Enso contributes to a circular bioeconomy. I also expect to be inspired from other sectors and companies work in this field.

In the future circular bioeconomy, there are many opportunities, for instance, the next generation of textiles, packaging materials, chemicals and wood construction to name a few.

To realise all the opportunities, it is instrumental that there is clarity from policy makers in the Nordics and the EU on the importance of the circular bioeconomy. Here I hope policy makers will step forward even further than today. We are ready to deliver.

The CEO Panel Discussion at the event will also include: Walter Schalka, CEO, Suzano, Pasi Laine, President and CEO, Valmet, and Mercedes Alonso, Executive Vice President, Renewable Polymers and Chemicals, Neste. The Panel will be moderated by Teresa Presas, Senior Advisor, World BioEconomy Forum, and former Director General, CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries). 

Five Minutes With… is a series of interviews being run by the WCBEF to highlight some of the high-level speakers and panellists taking part in the event this year. To view the whole full day programme and register for the event please visit

Source: World Bioeconomy Forum

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