Smart Operator for Forestry: Video series now available in French


Machine operators have a huge impact on fuel efficiency and productivity. The difference in productivity between the worst and best operators can be as much as 30%, while proper maintenance of a machine can result in significant fuel savings. To help its members increase their productivity, FPInnovations offers Smart Operator for Forestry workshops across Canada.

These workshops can be delivered at member company facilities upon request. The course takes three hours to complete.

For those who cannot attend a workshop or prefer to view the information at their own pace, FPInnovations has launched a video series that teaches participants how to choose the right machine for the job, when to replace worn out machines, and how to operate to improve their energy intensity, or fuel consumption per unit of production.

Now available in French and English, there are five videos in the series, each approximately 12-minutes long, which makes for a convenient way to brush up on your knowledge of machine operations. This series introduces the concept of tracking fuel use and the factors that drive energy intensity; it is designed for equipment operators, logging contractors, and supervisors of logging and mill yard operations, who are eager to improve their fuel efficiency, but cannot take the time to sit for a half-day classroom session.

Implementing the operational improvements presented can save on fuel costs and boost productivity by 10% or more. If you are striving to find that last bit of savings in your operations, you can view the videos here:

Getting started

Energy intensity – why does it matter?

Fuel management

Operating tips for lower energy intensity

Basics of spec’ing and Smart Operator course summary

If you have questions or want to schedule a Smart Operator for Forestry workshop in your community, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Source: FPInnovations