Enhancing suction roll performance with TrackLight AR

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  • Virtual window into the roll, enabling optimum setting for controlled operation
  • Real-time monitoring of both the suction box and the edge deckle position for optimum setting every time
  • Energy savings on the vacuum without compromising runability by reducing false air
  • Improved drainage and reduced energy consumption through precise adjustment of the suction zone  

HEIDENHEIM, GERMANY. Suction zones and seal strips are typically inaccessible within the suction roll. With TrackLight AR, Voith offers a virtual window into the roll, enabling real-time monitoring of both the suction box and the edge deckle position. This technology ensures consistent settings and minimizes downtime for suction roll maintenance.

Suction rolls play a crucial role in the papermaking process. Their primary function is to remove moisture from the paper web. “With the perfect setting, we maximize dewatering for a high dry content. When the suction rolls perform at optimal levels, tension is maintained, and the paper web is guided accurately through the machine. This ensures smooth and controlled runability and operation,” explains Halim Takhedmit, Digital Product Manager at Voith Paper.

The ability to having the roll perpetually correctly adjusted increases dewatering and resource savings. With positioning of the suction box of the forming roll, it is possible to influence the dry content of the paper web by 1 to 2 %.

Optimum adjustment is the biggest challenge and requires a high level of expertise, because the operator cannot look inside the suction roll. Suction zones are restricted through sealing strips and edge deckles. Neither are visible and can only be identified through markings on tender side. The suction roll shell covers the suction box, so sealing strips are also not visible. 

“With TrackLight AR, we enable the operator to virtually look into the roll and adjust the settings more quickly and precisely. Therefore, we can reduce downtimes and increase stable operation. This tool allows very easy handling and a high level of user friendliness,” says Stephan Sicking, Vice President Sales EMEA at Voith Paper.

When setting up TrackLight AR, experts at Voith workshops conduct precise measurements of the roll and proceed to build and test the digital twin of the suction zone. Finally, the product is seamlessly set up at the site, ensuring a smooth integration into the papermaking process.

voith 13june24 1With TrackLight AR, suction zones and seal strips are virtually visible, and the position of the edge deckles can be virtually seen during operation.

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