Paving the Way With Cellulose Filaments

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Resolute, in collaboration with Performance BioFilaments, has taken another step toward developing a viable market for cellulose filaments (CF), an innovative wood-based biomaterial, by conducting field tests in Quebec sidewalks.

On October 11, construction crews in Saguenay used CF-infused concrete to build a new section of sidewalk. Located in a well-travelled area, the more than 100-meter (325-foot) sidewalk also includes a section built using a conventional concrete mix. The durability of both types of concrete will be assessed over the coming winter months and into the spring. This project follows a successful trial carried out at our Senneterre (Quebec) sawmill in late 2022. 

Conventional concrete sidewalks can be prone to cracking and accelerated degradation over time, particularly in areas where temperatures vary greatly across seasons and de-icing salts are used. The addition of cellulose filaments enhances the concrete’s curing process, which reduces cracking and creates more weather-resistant sidewalks. Validation of these advantages paves the way for the possibility of using CF in larger-scale infrastructure projects.   

This project was conducted in collaboration with Groupe Riverin, the City of Saguenay and durability engineering consultant SIMCO Technologies.

As extensive testing has already demonstrated, CF can improve the quality and sustainability of a wide range of products – from enhancing concrete properties to replacing single-use plastic packaging. 

In April 2023, Resolute inaugurated a commercial plant specializing in CF production at our Kénogami (Quebec) paper mill. 

By investing in product and process innovation, Resolute is helping develop sustainable solutions to real-world challenges.

Source: The Resolute Blog