Canadian Forestry Documentary – Capturing Carbon – to be Featured at United Nations COP27 Conference

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Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is pleased to announce that its Capturing Carbon documentary was selected to be shown at COP27, the United Nations International Conference on Climate Change and Sustainability.

The film will be the focus of a session co-sponsored by FPAC and the B.C. Council of Forest Industries (COFI) – bringing together Indigenous, government, and forest sector leaders who will discuss the vital role sustainable forestry can play in addressing climate change and shaping a greener future in Canada and around the world.

“We are honoured that the Canadian organizers of COP27 chose our film to help facilitate the important conversation of sustainable forestry at this global forum,” said FPAC President and CEO Derek Nighbor. “This is a significant opportunity for Canada’s forest sector to bring our experience, innovation, and know-how to the global policy table, and to meet with international partners and stakeholders to advance collaboration and work together on climate action.”

The documentary, already viewed by 1.6 million Canadians and counting, will be shown on November 11 at the COP27 Canadian Pavilion. Capturing Carbon explores different aspects of Canadian forestry, from the forest floor in BC where foresters are fighting the effects of climate change through world-leading sustainable practices, to the front-line fight for sustainability in our cities, where building tall with wood is creating more climate-conscious communities. Key topics are explored by five individuals who speak to misconceptions about Canada’s forest sector and explore how, through sustainable forest management, we can harness the power world’s most renewable resource to put our country on the path toward meeting our net-zero emissions targets.

“As Canada and the world continue to drive to net-zero, continuously strengthening how we take care of forests and building with climate-friendly materials like carbon-storing wood will play an outsized role,“ said COFI President and CEO Linda Coady. “We are pleased to join COP27 delegates to discuss how BC’s forest products sector can partner with governments, Indigenous Peoples, labour, communities and customers to find solutions that help us better fight climate change together”.

As a world leader in third-party forest certification, managing more than twice the area certified in any other country, Canada’s forest sector is uniquely positioned to showcase how sustainable forest management creates resilient forests and supports global climate objectives. Through this session at COP27, experts will speak to specific forest management practices in Canada and how sustainably sourced forest products can help us achieve national and international climate ambitions.

The screening will be introduced by Canada’s Ambassador for Climate Change, Catherine Stewart, and be followed by a Q&A session led by Kate Lindsay, FPAC’s Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer. Other participants include JP Gladu, Founder and Principal at Mokwateh, and Sabrina Spencer, Vice President, Environment at COFI.

The full documentary can be viewed here:

FPAC provides a voice for Canada’s wood, pulp, and paper producers nationally and internationally in government, trade, and environmental affairs. As an industry with annual revenues exceeding $75B, Canada’s forest products sector is one of the country’s largest employers operating in over 600 communities, providing 225,000 direct jobs, and over 600,000 indirect jobs across the country. Our members are committed to collaborating with Indigenous leaders, government bodies, and other key stakeholders to develop a cross-Canada action plan aimed at advancing forest health, while supporting workers, communities and our environment for the long term.

Source: FPAC