Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

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Welcome to Indigenous 101

This series will introduce you to the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples – the three Indigenous groups recognized in the Canadian constitution.

The chapters will present the defining moments that have helped to shape the history of Indigenous Peoples, and their relationship with European settlers, the British crown, and the dominion of Canada.

We will demystify some of the legal issues surrounding the Canadian Constitution, the Indian Act, historical and modern treaties, recent rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada, and what they mean in practical terms.

Finally, this course will provide some context to better understand the importance of cultural traditions and values for Indigenous Peoples and ways to better engage and interact with Indigenous Peoples.


Chapter 1: Who Are They? Indian, Inuit, Métis.

Chapter 2: History and Historical Values.


Chapter 3: Treaties and Land Claims.


Chapter 4: A Colonial History.


Chapter 5: It's The Law.


Chapter 6: Reconciliation.



Source: FPAC