Happy New Year – A message from FSC Canada’s President

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2020 underlined a strategic market transition.

With the recent buildup of global climate protests, 2020 was poised to be a defining moment in the fight against climate change. But this moment was eclipsed by a global pandemic. And while COVID-19 has been life-changing, the climate crisis will present an even bigger challenge. Arguably our biggest collective challenge. To address it, forests, and each one of us in the forestry sector, have a crucial role to play.

Two years ago, we officially launched our new National Forest Management Standard and the National Controlled Wood Risk Assessment. This was a historic moment for us and, in 2020, we focused our efforts on their successful implementations. Both address the most pressing issues facing Canadian forests, including Woodland Caribou, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Workers’ Rights including Gender Equity, Landscape Management and Conservation.

At this junction in our history, we have embarked in a strategic market transition to demonstrate the impact of responsible forest management in this country. We aim at providing a clear value proposition to our market partners with regards to Indigenous rights, biodiversity protection and forest landscape conservation. We commissioned a carbon research project to demonstrate the impact of FSC certified forests in North America. This strategic transition has begun to show results with a significant positive trend in the Chain of Custody certificates in 2020. Our goal is to double our market presence in Canada over the next decade.

Since 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council has represented the mark of well-managed forestry in Canada and around the world. Through the adoption of its standards of responsible forest and supply chain management, we can continue offering businesses credible verification of sustainably produced timber and wood products, and helping consumers identify products from well-managed forests.

After many years of hard work, we were able to achieve breakthrough results. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members, certificate holders and stakeholders for their support and I extend my best wishes for a successful year in 2021.

- Francois Dufresne, President, FSC Canada

Source: FSC