Laurentide Controls: Charting a Sustainable Path to the Future with ‘Greenprints’

Laurentide Controls
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Laurentide Controls, a leader in industrial automation, recently released a new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) document.

This document serves as both an acknowledgement of their commitment to sustainability practices but also as a roadmap for their future.

This announcement is particularly noteworthy given the company's focus on providing innovative solutions to industrial customers. It outlines Laurentide’s vision for helping industries achieve more sustainable practices, including Pulp and Paper, which will bring long-term economic benefits and protect our planet's future. As explained in the statement: “Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a critical element of our success, and we are continuously striving to ensure that all stakeholders benefit from our activities now and in the future.”

Indeed, in the Pulp and Paper industry, sustainable practices have increasingly become an integral part of operations. Companies in this sector are finding that investing in sustainable practices not only helps them save costs in the long run but also plays an important role in ensuring that the industry remains an environmentally responsible one. Indeed, these measures lead to increased resource efficiency, reduced waste, compliance with environmental regulations, increased productivity, and decreased costs. This leads to an environmentally friendly and economically successful industry.

In that sense, the ESG document is an important step forward for Laurentide Controls as they continue their mission to not only reduce their environmental footprint, but also support their customers in doing so while providing high quality products and services.

Sustainable practices are essential for improving operational efficiency and providing innovative solutions to industrial customers - all while reducing the industry's carbon footprint and promoting more efficient production processes. With Laurentide Controls leading the way with their ESG statement, industries can continue to thrive when taking a green approach.

Read our complete sustainability statement

About Laurentide Controls

Operating since 1968, Laurentide Controls has been helping industry thrive for over 50 years. We are the largest supplier of automation, and reliability solutions to industries in Eastern Canada.

As an entirely employee owned company, every member of our team is driven by the shared goal of empowering people and advancing industry.

As an Emerson Impact Partner, Laurentide Controls connects customers with world-class solutions, superior local and global technical expertise, and life-cycle services for all of our clients’ automation assets and needs. These capabilities enable us to partner with customers in their journey to be Top Quartile in their industry.

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