Optimization 101: Natural Gas Fired Boiler Efficiencies

Process Optimization
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The Importance of Boilers in Industrial Processes

Boilers can be found in most industrial facilities and are used to produce steam or heat water for space and process heating. Some boilers are used for the generation of power and electricity. Some natural gas fired industrial boilers have a relatively clean airflow combustion process, but particulate-laden airflow is common and creates challenges for most flow measurement devices on the market.

How it Works

Natural gas and an airflow stream are burned to heat the inner chamber or tubes within the body of the boiler. The heat causes the temperature of the water to rise until it boils and produces steam. The combustion air and fuel feeding the burner must be tuned to the optimal air/fuel ration to improve efficiencies, minimize excess air while ensuring complete combustion, and minimize emissions. If a Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) stream is used as a NOx reduction technique, the FGR flow should be monitored to ensure the optimal ratio of FGR to combustion airflow. The exhaust gas is then vented to atmosphere and usually must be monitored for emissions compliance.

Types of Boilers

Some common natural gas fired boilers include:

  • Large industrial boilers
  • Package boilers

Example of Annual Savings

In 2012, the US Department of Energy released a tip sheet on how to improve your boiler function and efficiency. They were able to show concrete savings for operators that successfully improve efficiencies. In their example, they calculated upwards of $200,000!

  • Annual Savings:
    • = Fuel Consumption x (1–E1/E2) x Fuel Cost
    • = 29,482 MMBtu/yr x $8.00/MMBtu
    • = $235,856

Optimization 101: Natural Gas Fired Boiler Efficiencies

Get efficient by learning these 3 combustion air flow measurement points to optimize natural gas fired boilers uncovered in the new Application Optimizer document by Air Monitor. Download your copy of the Air Monitor Application Optimizer for natural gas fired boilers to learn how to optimize your process now.

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Source: Air Monitor