VICTREX-The global supplier in high-performance polymers integrates smart glasses in service offering

Victrex subject matter expert wearing Iristick smart glasses for remote guidance

Process Optimization
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As the company was looking for a way to assist customers remotely and in real-time to simulate in-person support for process optimisation, troubleshooting, and product development the Iristick.G1 smart glasses offered an excellent solution to provide customers with the support they needed, on-demand remotely smart glasses, with a built-in camera, were an excellent solution.

What started as a temporary solution to work around Covid-19 travel restrictions resulted in a lasting service offering for Victrex. As a global leader in PEEK and PAEK-based polymer solutions, Victrex has manufacturing sites in the US and UK and customers all around the world. With the discovery of smart glasses, Victrex has implemented a new customer technical support service that is here to stay.

Global travel challenges leading to customer-centric solutions

With the borders being closed, Victrex’s subject matter experts (SME’s) had to find workable alternative options to in-person technical support to resolve complex on-site issues and develop new applications with customers. These experts are located across the globe and are knowledgeable in polymer processing and troubleshooting. Furthermore, they have specific application knowledge and experience of PEEK polymer developments. As the company was looking for a way to assist customers remotely and in real-time to simulate in-person support for process optimisation, troubleshooting, and product development the Iristick.G1 smart glasses offered an excellent solution to provide customers with the support they needed.

Another added value for Victrex was the smart glasses technology allowing multiple subject matter experts to engage in the same customer call, enforcing expertise on one single matter. For example, when developing PEEK gears Victrex gear design experts based in the US can link with Victrex processing and material experts globally and application development experts in the UK in a single remote conference call with the customer.

Remote assistance bringing experts together

Polymer processing comes down to complex processes and Victrex’s customers can face challenges in this stage. With the use of smart glasses, customers can easily and instantly seek remote assistance as Victrex SMEs can offer advice from a distance, from wherever they are in the world. Using Remote Eye as remote assistance software provider, issues can get resolved much faster by supplementing travel on-site if needed.

Tangible advantages by using smart glasses

Seeing that excellent customer experience is an important benefit of working with Victrex, our smart glasses allowed them to establish outstanding standards in customer support. Other proven benefits include quick response to customer needs and broadening access to our global network of experts. Moreover, Dr. Paul Corscadden, head of technical services, states: “Our customers have repeatedly told us that they value the technical support we offer, and we pride ourselves on giving them an excellent customer experience. The smart glasses are an additional new service that enables us to give broader coverage in a timely manner”. Paul continues “We liked the centre-mounted camera, good zoom, and good battery life. The system can be used as a real hands-free system that’s completely mobile and easy for the customer to set up.” Extending the access of subject matter experts to their customers assists with their acceleration of product to market and answers the quality product development standards.

Besides this, Victrex believes customers can see productivity improvements when the downtime of machines can be realized. Another important factor to mention is sustainability revolving around the implementation of smart glasses. The company’s carbon footprint has been positively impacted, and this is an important factor in the company’s long-term strategy. Improving their environmental impact and promoting sustainability, all whilst reducing travel time to a minimum are factors that can easily be achieved by the simple implementation of smart glasses.

Next steps for Victrex and Iristick smart glasses

Not only will smart glasses add to productivity improvements, but will also undoubtedly help in building trust by offering a digital and hands-free communication tool in the form of smart glasses. With all the advantages listed, it is no wonder that these wearables will be an integral part of the service offering of Victrex. As an integral part of their company strategy, we are flattered to be part of their journey in offering exceptional customer service!

About Victrex

Victrex is an innovative world leader in high-performance PEEK and PAEK polymer solutions focusing on the strategic markets of automotive, aerospace, energy (including manufacturing and engineering), electronics and medical. Every day, millions of people use sustainable products and applications containing our materials – from smartphones, aeroplanes and cars to oil and gas operations and medical devices. With over 40 years‘ experience we are developing world leading solutions with PEEK and PAEK-based polymers and selected semi-finished and finished parts which shape future performance for our customers and our markets, deliver environmental and societal benefits, and drive value for our shareholders. Find out more at

Source: Iristick