Everyone makes a difference in safety: Stora Enso awards suppliers for exemplary safety work

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Safety is a top priority at Stora Enso, every day. The yearly safety week puts a special focus on safety and enables joint sharing, learning, and celebrations of the good safety practices implemented around the organisation.

To highlight good practices and safe choices made throughout the organization, Stora Enso celebrates this year’s Safety Week with the theme ‘Everyone makes a difference in safety’. The week includes a variety of safety focus programme from local activities to organisation-wide online seminars.

Safety work at Stora Enso invites everyone to join in – meaning employees, contractors, and suppliers alike.

To celebrate the safety commitment and good practices implemented, Stora Enso shares Good Safety Practice Awards in three categories of Controlling Safety Risks, Developing Safety Culture, and Safety Innovation. In the same connection, the company announces the Supplier Safety Awards.

“Involvement is crucial, and every one of us plays a role in ensuring we get home safely every day,” says Pasi Laukkanen, SVP in Sourcing and a member of the Supplier Safety award jury. “This means that Stora Enso’s safety approach does not only cover the employees working for the company but also the ones working with the company. Therefore, we also wanted to launch this safety recognition.”

Suppliers with a safety mindset

The Supplier Safety Award was applicable by Stora Enso units for their suppliers showing proactivity to improve safety and daily commitment to safety. The award focused on suppliers in the Spare parts and Maintenance category that is covering a great share of companies working closely with Stora Enso.

The 2023 Supplier Safety Award is distributed to two companies: Lämpösulku Oy, Finland, and Polimex Energetyka, Poland. Lämpösulku provides project-based services and Polimax Energyteka provides maintenance services with a daily presence at the mill. “Both companies have made excellent work – and showed great safety commitment,” the Award jury commented about the selection.

Lämpösulku is awarded for their great commitment and activity in improving safety at the worksite, not only in their own employees but covering also in their subcontractors. Polimex Energetyka has been focusing on improving the safety culture over the last few years during which time they have reduced the TRI substantially.

“This award enables us to give recognition to our supplier for the great safety work and commitment performed. Working with companies showing a great safety mindset also enables us to learn new and share the good practices further in the organisation. Safety benefits from the joint effort,” Pasi Laukkanen concludes.

Stora Enso Safety Week is organized from 24 to 30 April - in conjunction with ILO’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work which is celebrated globally on 28 April.

Source: Stora Enso