Millar Western pulp mill ends 2021 with zero safety incidents

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The close of 2021 marked a big safety milestone for our Whitecourt Pulp Division: for the first time since its start-up in 1988, the pulp mill passed an entire calendar year with no recordable incidents – that’s 0 lost-time accidents and 0 medical treatments.

Today, the mill stands at 1001 days without a lost-time incident and 557 days since its last medical aid, far surpassing the prior mill previous record of 507 days.

At Millar Western, our real safety focus is on outcomes, not records. But these numbers represent individual people, going home safe to family and friends at the end of each shift. In the especially challenging year of 2021, the safety milestones reached by pulp mill staff were an especially outstanding achievement.

Congratulations to all at Whitecourt Pulp, where safety’s in good hands!

Source: Millar Western