Air permeability measurement with online porosity sensor

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Uncover real-time fluctuations to stabilize the process and maximize roll quality

Online air permeability measurements give the porosity of paper on the machine, acting as an early warning system to process variability as well as the effects of process and raw material changes.

ACA Permi™ provides online porosity measurements to uncover real-time fluctuations so mills can stabilize the process and maximize roll quality.

ABB has partnered with ACA to provide our customers with market-leading, proven technology for online porosity measurement. Using a continuous air flow method, the ACA Permi provides measurement 50-100 times faster than any other system on the market. With real-time measurement data for each reel produced, mills get a sophisticated analysis of permeability variations to optimize raw materials, energy usage and quality. 

abb 29mar21 2aPayback in weeks

Customers have reported up to 50 percent faster grade change times when controlling the reel quality with ACA Permi. Because grade change time equates to a loss of production, ACA Permi helps minimize downtime and maximize ROI.


  • Fast results for optimum loop control options
  • Quicker grade changes with real-time sensor information
  • Improved runnability and production
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Better product quality
  • Reduced energy and raw material use


Source: ABB