Archroma launches Cartaseal® OGB F10, a superior PFAS-free barrier coating for oil and grease applications

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Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, announces the launch of the latest innovation in their Cartaseal® portfolio, Cartaseal® OGB F10.

Cartaseal® OGB F10 is a superior water-based oil and grease resistant barrier coating that enables papermakers to provide high-quality and sustainable packaging by replacing fluoro based substances and polyethylene with a recyclable and repulpable coating. It is FDA and BfR compliant, making it suitable for the manufacturing of paper and board for food and non-food contact.

Key features and benefits of Cartaseal® OGB F10 include:

  • Superior oil and grease barrier: Offers unparalleled protection against oil and grease, ensuring the integrity and freshness of packaged goods. Its advanced formulation guarantees maximum resistance, providing peace of mind for both manufacturers and consumers.
  • Exceptional resistance even when folding: Provides superior oil and grease resistance (OGR) for folding box board and flexible paper packaging application, without compromising on performance.
  • Recyclable and repulpable: Facilitates easy recycling and repulping processes, contributing to a more sustable packaging lifecycle. In addition, as it contains bio-based raw materials, Cartaseal® OGB F10 supports brands and papermakers in their journey towards sustainability by minimizing reliance on oil-based substances.

"We are excited to introduce Cartaseal® OGB F10 to the market, our latest barrier solution that addresses key challenges in the packaging industry while upholding our commitment to sustainability," said Sameer Singla, CEO PP&C at Archroma"With its unmatched oil and grease resistance, exceptional foldability, and sustainability features, Cartaseal® OGB F10 represents a significant advancement in packaging technology, empowering businesses to meet evolving consumer demands while reducing their environmental footprint."

Cartaseal® OGB F10 sets a new standard for packaging excellence, offering a comprehensive solution that prioritizes functionality, sustainability, and performance.

Archroma remains committed to driving innovation and sustainability across the value chain, empowering businesses to embrace greener practices and meet evolving consumer demands.

For information about Cartaseal® OGB F10 and Archroma's comprehensive range of packaging solutions, please visit

Source: Archroma