Factory Harmonizer - New kind of way to efficiently use your machine's data

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Factory Harmonizer focuses on the concept of process harmony, which in practice means uniquely to model paper/board-making processes.

Harmony modelling enables users to identify deviations and understand critical phenomena that traditional systems fail to pick up or react to early enough.

With Factory Harmonizer, critical analytics work (data engineering, (harmony) model building, and deviation monitoring) is automated, i.e., done on behalf of the user. With other software's users or consultants must build and maintain their models. Our approach scales faster and to a much larger user base and keeps information always up to date, hence, being overall of much lower maintenance.

This has led to OEE improvement in the mills, we have been running Factory Harmonizer.

simanalytics 10jan22 2A visualization how a cardboard and paper machine is seen through the SimAnalytics analytic engine.

SimAnalytics is a company based in Finland that helps process operators and engineers to run their production more efficiently and with less breaks. In our work creating data-driven analytics engines, we want humans and computers to augment each other.