Optimizing Paper Machine Runnability with Enerquin’s SynerVac-E: A Case Study

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Enerquin`s SynerVac-E system is a specially adapted module for down-run and up-run control, providing optimum sheet stability on wide and high-speed paper machines.

The following case study demonstrates how the SynerVac-E system addresses runnability issues.

The mill experienced runnability issues in their Bel-Champ section (i.e., Beloit single-tier dryer section): paper edge flipping that resulted in edge cracking and wrinkles.

Production Data
Operating at speeds of 3200 fpm to 3500 fpm, producing copy and printing grades paper (38#/3300 sq. ft.).

Solution Proposed
Enerquin was consulted to formulate affordable solutions; they proposed an innovative alternative to avenues suggested by other companies.

The key idea was to install a special vacubox, named the SynerVac-E, on top of the Bel-Champ roll:

  • The SynerVac-E has internal compartments to control edge flutter problems and improve sheet threading.
  • The vacubox keeps the sheet in contact with the felt across the machine width for optimum machine runnability during normal and threading operating modes.
  • The vacuum source comes from the existing Bel-Champ exhaust system; each box is interconnected to the Bel-Champ ducts on the Tending and Drive Sides, eliminating the need for an additional exhaust system.
  • The SynerVac-E can be supplied and installed at a fraction of the cost required for conventional blow boxes and other Machine Builder’s approaches, which require a larger vacuum-roll diameter.
  • Enerquin guaranteed that the boxes would stabilize the sheet edges without negatively affecting machine operation during threading and normal production.

The first SynerVac-E boxes were installed to solve sheet edge lifting, identified as one of the main culprits for edge cracks and sheet breaks. The mill was extremely satisfied with the results and the fact that Enerquin’s “efficient/low-cost” approach represented a small fraction of the several million dollars proposed by machine manufacturers!

The SynerVac-E can be easily retrofitted on any single-tier dryer section with vacuum rolls.

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Source: Enerquin