Product Feature: Synervac-VR

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Enerquin’s Synervac-VR box is a state-of-the-art sheet stabilizer that works in conjunction with a vacuum roll to ensure optimum web stability for wide or high-speed, light-grade machines.

The Synervac-VR uses a specially designed plenum to hold the sheet tight against the felt on the down-run and up-run while creating a vacuum in the drilled/grooved roll. With this arrangement, there is no need for a dedicated vacuum roll exhaust fan, so the total up-front cost and subsequent operating costs decrease. Also, the drilled/grooved roll construction is simplified since special journals and rotary joints are not required for exhaust connections.

Efficient and cost-effective Dry Runnability Solutions for Mills

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This Vacubox includes the following features:

  • Built-in vacuum zones to independently control the vacuum level on the down-run, up-run, and in the roll
  • Threading zone controlled with a pneumatic actuator

Synervac-VR Advantages:

  • Reduced draw, better web support, improved sheet stability, and overall improved machine efficiency
  • Stability of the tail which promotes easier threading
  • Reliable and simplified construction
  • Unlimited vacuum
  • Low-energy consumption
  • Minimal cleaning, servicing or washing required since it does not have any small openings or slots that could plug due to dust and/or fibre accumulation
  • Large clearance between the Vacubox/dryer which minimizes the risk of damage to fabric in the event of dryer warps in the Unirun section
  • Specially designed so that the fabric movement generates a slight vacuum between the box and the fabric in the event of an air vacuum shortage

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