Runtech Systems delivers vacuum system to Sonoco, Indonesia

RunEco EP Turbo Blower

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Runtech Systems delivers a RunEco vacuum system rebuild to Sonoco Products Co. Subang mill in Indonesia.

The delivery includes a RunEco EP600 Turbo Blower with EcoDrop water separator and EcoFlow dewatering measurements.

“Our EP Turbo Blowers are ideal for rebuilds as they are compact and easy to install and very economical to own and operate. Upgrading the vacuum system not only saves energy but also brings flexibility. With our turbo blower technology, the turbo speed is automatically adapted to the needed vacuum level,” says Hannu Kääriä, Sales Director, Runtech Systems.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, RunEco vacuum system provides a reliable, completely water free vacuum solution. Less energy and no water contribute to lower CO2 emissions and smaller environmental footprint. EP Turbo Blowers are always variable speed and capacity, which allows the vacuum system to be optimized quickly without bleed air and with minimal throttling and expansion losses. With integrated high-speed motor controlled by a frequency converter, rotation speed and vacuum level can be adjusted according to the process requirements.

EcoFlow dewatering measurement provides accurate real-time feedback about the dewatering performance along the paper machine which can be used to optimize dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections.

About Sonoco Products Co.

Since 1899, Sonoco has partnered with customers to provide dependable service and quality products. Today, the team includes approximately 22,000 employees working in 300+ operations around the world. 

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