The world's largest drum pulper: Voith presents IntensaDrum Duo for production volumes of 3,000 tons of paper per day

The 3D model of the IntensaDrum Duo. The 3D model of the IntensaDrum Duo.

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  • The new drum pulper IntensaDrum Duo processes 3,000 tons of recycled paper per day.
  • The modular, two-part design makes it possible to enter new dimensions in pulping capacity.
  • Maintenance and operating costs can be minimized while optimizing fiber quality.

HEIDENHEIM, Germany. The papermaking process starts with pulping and separation of coarse contaminants to prepare the pulp for the subsequent cleaning steps. Based on its many years of expertise, Voith Paper now introduces the latest technology within the BlueLine stock preparation – the IntensaDrum Duo, a two-piece drum pulper. The machine, suitable for recovered paper, is perfect for very high production volumes and is characterized by extreme robustness and high reliability and efficiency. The two-piece modular design corresponds to the IntensaDrum ID45XL, which has been used successfully many times for smaller production quantities.

Maximum robustness for large production volumes

How well the machine concept works in practice is demonstrated by the installation of the IntensaDrum Duo at the company Progroup as part of the Taurus PM 3 project in Germany. With a diameter of 4.5 m each, the 48 m long drum pulper and the 23 m long screening drum have since then been processing 3,000 tons of recovered paper per day. The total length of the IntensaDrum Duo, which weighs over 300 tons, is 78 meters. This makes the stock preparation plant in the Taurus project the largest of its kind in the world.

voith 20april21 2The IntensaDrum Duo was transported via the ports of Shanghai and Hamburg to Sandersdorf-Brehna, the site of Progroup's new paper mill.

Advantages of a two-piece design

In order to enable this high production volume with a one-piece drum pulper, the free hanging areas would have to be significantly enlarged. This would significantly increase the dynamic loads in all directions and lead to extreme design challenges. With the two-piece design, Voith has successfully overcome these technical limitations of one-piece single drums. The ability to run very high production volumes over one drum pulper and thus also over one stock preparation line leads to a significant reduction in investment and operating costs.

High mechanical engineering quality combined with long experience

IntensaDrum Duo processes the production volumes of two standard drum pulpers. As only one pulper is now required and the complete production is processed in one line, maintenance and servicing costs can be significantly reduced. At the same time, the IntensaDrum Duo impresses with its enormous robustness due to its modular design.

"The IntensaDrum Duo is based on the same drum design as the IntensaDrum ID45XL,” says Pierre-Haakon Berger, Global Product Manager for drum pulpers at Voith Paper. “Many customers use the IntensaDrum successfully for small and medium production volumes. When developing the IntensaDrum Duo, we were therefore able to utilize the experience from this size. Standard machine components also ensure high engineering quality in the design of the IntensaDrum Duo. Compared to a one-piece design, the two-piece IntensaDrum Duo offers significant advantages with these dimensions in terms of transport and installation."

voith 20april21 3The Taurus project's stock preparation plant is one of the largest of its kind in the world, with the IntensaDrum Duo processing 3,000 tons of recovered paper per day.

Resource-saving process

Special lifting bars guide the suspension in the pulping area from the bottom and almost to the top. Once at the top, the suspension falls back onto the drum body. Since there is no rotor to reduce the size of the reject, the process is extremely careful. The fibers and reject are also gently separated in the screening section. In addition, water from the shower pipes can enter the drum through the screening area so that the fibers can be efficiently washed away from the reject. Also, the absence of wear parts results in a constant accept quality of the stock as well as lower production and shutdown costs.

Due to the very gentle pulping process, the recycled fibers are disintegrated without shear forces. This process is particularly gentle on resources because foreign materials, for example plastic, are not destroyed and can therefore be sorted out at an early stage.

Pierre-Haakon Berger, Global Product Manager for drum pulpers at Voith Paper

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Source: Voith