UE Systems Releases Remote Prescriptive Bearing Monitoring & Lubrication Solution

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(Elmsford, New York) – UE Systems, the world leader in ultrasonic instruments & training solutions for predictive maintenance, reliability, condition monitoring and energy saving programs, announced last October the release of the OnTrak SmartLube by UE Systems.

The new solution from UE Systems uses the power of remote prescriptive monitoring to give lubrication experts a powerful, accurate and easy-to-use software application to monitor bearing friction and remotely lubricate from anywhere, anytime or any supported device.

“We are very excited to announce the release of SmartLube, particularly for businesses that are seeking new ways to avoid the frustrations and costs associated with premature bearing failure,” said Blair Fraser, Global Director, IIoT Solutions at UE Systems. “The availability of SmartLube also gives our customers an incredibly powerful platform to perform lubrication fully remotely. The time savings, safety benefits and simple convenience of being able to identify and perform lubrication tasks without the need to physically attend to a bearing is a tremendous advantage.”

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The OnTrak SmartLube system is supported by the market-leading OnTrak IIOT System, a 16 channel IIoT Bearing Monitoring System, and offers access to UE Insights, a cloud-based dashboard and alert-deployment platform. In harmony, with the power of Ultrasound technology, the OnTrack SmartLube provides organizations with a game-changing opportunity to monitor, identify and rectify bearing issues independent of time or location. The OnTrak SmartLube is also powered by a unique and powerful learning engine, providing automated suggestions to users ready to partially or totally automate their remote lubrication tasks.

“With the arrival of Covid-19, we are now in a market-space where businesses are being forced like never before to find new ways to balance the health of their staff with the need for operational continuity. This isn’t a puzzle we have put together before and, if we have learned anything, it is that remote enablement is not a fleeting concept. The OnTrak SmartLube is going to help a lot of businesses that are looking to help floor-level employees improve their effectiveness without having to spend unnecessary time in their physical locations,” added Mr. Fraser.

To learn more about UE Systems and the release of the new and transformational OnTrak SmartLube, please visit www.uesystems.com/smartlube or www.uesystems.com.

Source: UE Systems