With OnQuality 4.0, Voith sets new standards in the field of quality control systems

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  • OnQuality 4.0 increases data transparency, enhances quality measurements, optimizes control strategies and thus leads to significant cost savings
  • Analyses, dashboards and reports can be created with a few clicks and accessed on smartphones and tablets
  • Latest generation of virtual sensors complement the classic physical sensor portfolio and provide new possibilities in online quality measurement

HEIDENHEIM. OnQuality.Scanners and OnQuality.Sensors are successfully used in over 750 installations worldwide to continuously improve production and quality processes. Thanks to their compact design, the scanners can be installed extremely flexibly in existing and new plants. Based on the leading solutions, Voith now presents OnQuality 4.0, the next level for digitalization of the paper mill. The new system consists of all the important elements required for perfect quality measurement and control: a secure cloud solution with many analysis tools and functions, virtual sensors for online and real-time measurement, as well as location- and time-independent technology consulting. The OnQuality 4.0 system can be upgraded modularly for all Voith OnQuality systems already installed and is ready for use within a very short time.

''With OnQuality 4.0, we are introducing the most advanced quality measurement and quality control system currently available for manufacturers of all paper grades. Time-consuming collection, search and conclusion of quality data and control strategies are a thing of the past. With our intuitive cloud solution, virtual sensors as well as remote technology consulting, the foundation for the digitalization of your paper mill is laid.'' - Marc Stampfer, Global Product Manager QCS Scanners & Sensors at Voith Paper

Perfect interaction between cloud solution, sensors and technology consulting

OnQuality 4.0 uses virtual sensors to overcome the limitations of classic physical online sensor technology. Using artificial intelligence, the virtual sensors continuously, reliably and in real time predict quality parameters such as tensile strength, stiffness and softness that can otherwise only be measured in the laboratory. The cloud platform collects and stores all relevant production and quality data and enables users to perform in-depth analyses through personalized dashboards. With just a few clicks, profile charts, color maps, maintenance cockpits, trends and reports can be intuitively created and viewed on mobile devices. OnQuality 4.0 thus quickly and directly shows deviations from the critical target quality and enables significant savings in resources, scrap and costs.

The OnPerformance.Lab (OPL) remote service center completes OnQuality 4.0, with OPL experts providing round-the-clock support for realtime emergencies. With the help of the in-depth know-how in the field of paper and control technology, tailor-made optimization measures are carried out together with the customer, such as for MD and CD controls and grade change processes. Consequently, the efficiency of the machine increases while costs decrease.

Further optimizations are planned for the future. Voith is currently working on visionary OnQuality.Scanner concepts, which are being developed as part of the Papermaking Vision design study.

''With intuitive and state-of-the-art operating and visualization interfaces directly on the scanners; an intelligent light and alarm system; and an attractive, maintenance-friendly design, we will once again make everyday work much easier for operating and maintenance personnel.'' - Marc Stampfer, Global Product Manager QCS Scanners & Sensors at Voith Paper

Find more information here: Voith Quality Control System (QCS) OnQuality | Voith.

Source: Voith