Domtar Suspends Paper Operations in Arkansas

Image Source: Domtar

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In a recent announcement, Domtar Corporation revealed its decision to indefinitely suspend paper operations at its Ashdown, Arkansas facility.

The move entails the idling of the Ashdown Mill’s A62 paper machine and associated sheeter by the end of June, resulting in a reduction of Domtar’s annual uncoated freesheet capacity by 216,000 short tons.In 2021, Domtar made the strategic decision to revive the A62 paper machine, responding to heightened demand for uncoated freesheet paper across North America. Yet, following meticulous scrutiny, the company has concluded that the present level of customer demand no longer warrants the operation of this production capacity.

As part of this transition, the Ashdown mill will restart its pulp dryer, resulting in an additional capacity of 165,000 air dried metric tons annually of southern bleached softwood kraft pulp.

British Columbia-based Paper Excellence Group bought Domtar in 2021 for about $3 billion

About Domtar AshdownSince its establishment in 1968, Domtar's Ashdown Mill has undergone continuous expansion, evolving into one of the globe's foremost fluff pulp production hubs. A significant milestone occurred in 2016 when Domtar executed its most substantial capital investment to date, repurposing one of the paper machines at the Ashdown Mill, located in southwest Arkansas, for premium fluff pulp production. This strategic investment solidified Domtar's position as a frontrunner in the fluff pulp market, a critical component in the manufacturing of baby diapers, adult incontinence products, and absorbent hygiene items.