IoT-MFG and Huma Environmental to collaborate on end-to-end Environmental Solution

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Cedar Park, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona - IoT-MFG, a leading provider of Industrial Environmental IoT solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry, and Huma Environmental, a leader in wastewater bio-remediation, have announced a first ever collaboration between an Environmental IoT solution provider and a Wastewater services provider.

This first every collaboration provides to Pulp and Paper customers the ability to finally tie together real-time information on whether a facilities sewers, clarifiers and ponds are compliant and if not, what is causing those deviations.  This extends from the Huma side all services that are affecting the probiotic health of the facility.

As part of IoT’s Environmental pre-site audit, Huma will join IoT to do a complete Pond, Run-off assessment in addition to IoT’s audit of the facilities Environmental flow.

“This is going to make the management of the wastewater facility more effective as it takes the invisible part of the process and makes it visible,” said Heather Jennings, Director of Huma Environmental.

“Once it’s visible it’s actionable!”

Commented Gary Hopkins, CEO and Co-Founder of IoT-MFG: “A complete solution in the Environmental segment should be just that.  Not just pieces of hardware but a first ever hardware/software/services approach to solving this challenge to Pulp and Paper Facilities.  Having Huma collaborate with IoT-MFG is not just an industry first but the next steps in how suppliers should provide a true complete solution.

For additional information or to start your environmental audit please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About IoT-MFG

At IoT-MFG, we focus on Industrial Environmental IoT solutions. We have proven solutions in environmental, condition monitoring, and edge solutions designed specifically for harsh applications. Our products are built with the manufacturer in mind. The company is privately held and headquartered in Cedar Park, TX.

About Huma Environmental

Huma Environmental offers an advanced, eco-friendly approach to wastewater remediation. Powered by proprietary, ultra-efficient Micro-Carbon Technology®, our natural, humate-based products maximize microbial stimulation in wastewater and help reduce biosolids faster, improving settleability and promoting dissolved oxygen. This unique, cost-efficient approach helps enrich the environment for future generations. Founded in 1973, Huma Environmental is privately held and based in Gilbert, AZ.