Irving Pulp & Paper Announces $1.1 Billion Upgrade for Saint John Mill

South facing view of the mill once project is complete. Source: JD Irving

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Irving Pulp & Paper is set to modernize its Saint John pulp mill with a significant $1.1 billion investment, having submitted a preliminary application for a major upgrade.

The project, dubbed NextGen, aims to transform the facility into a world-leading producer while significantly improving its environmental footprint.

At the heart of NextGen lies a new recovery boiler, replacing the aging 1970s model. This upgrade will not only increase pulp production by an impressive 66% but also pave the way for several environmental advancements.

A new green energy generator will be installed, helping to decarbonize New Brunswick's electricity grid. The mill will also implement technological improvements to reuse water and reduce overall water consumption. Additionally, decommissioning an oil-fired boiler will result in a significant decrease in CO2 emissions.

The four-year construction phase of NextGen is expected to generate substantial economic benefits for the region. Over $172 million in tax revenue will flow to provincial and local governments. The project is also projected to create more than 2,200 jobs, with employment income reaching $539 million. Furthermore, the investment is estimated to boost provincial GDP by a staggering $711 million.

Irving Pulp & Paper isn't just focused on production increases. The company is building a new wood chip production facility on the site of the Bald Mountain Rock Quarry. This project will not only reduce transportation costs but also minimize carbon emissions through efficient chip deliveries. The facility will eventually transition from a quarry to a wood chip operation, with plans to refurbish and extend its rail network for receiving pulpwood.

Irving Pulp & Paper is committed to keeping the community informed. An open house will be held to provide residents with details about both the mill upgrade and the new wood chip facility. This investment signifies a major step towards a more sustainable and productive future for the Saint John pulp mill.

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