Lake Babine Nation and West Fraser Join Forces for Sustainable Forestry Management in British Columbia

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The Lake Babine Nation (LBN) and West Fraser, a major forestry company, announced a landmark agreement that paves the way for collaborative and sustainable forest management in British Columbia.

Through a Joint Development Agreement (JDA), LBN Forestry, the Nation's forestry company, will combine portions of its tenure volumes from the Bulkley and Morice Timber Supply Areas into a single First Nations Woodland Licence (FNWL). This FNWL will be held and managed by the Lake Babine Nation.

"This agreement empowers us to manage our forests according to our stewardship values and contribute to the long-term prosperity of the Nation," said Chief Murphy Abraham of the Lake Babine Nation. "It will also bring stability to the regional forestry sector, creating jobs and benefits for the Lake Babine people and our neighbours."

The JDA acknowledges the Lake Babine Nation's traditional role as stewards of the land and their commitment to sustainable forestry practices. For West Fraser, the agreement provides a secure source of timber while fostering a collaborative approach to forest management.

"This partnership recognizes the vital role First Nations play in ensuring the health of our forests," said Sean McLaren, President and CEO of West Fraser. "Agreements like this are crucial for building a thriving and sustainable forest industry in British Columbia."

This collaborative effort sets a positive example for future partnerships between Indigenous communities and forestry companies in the province. It highlights the importance of respecting Indigenous rights and knowledge while promoting responsible forest management practices.