Members of Parliament Tour Resolute Paper Mill in Gatineau, Quebec

Photo (left to right): Gary Vidal, MP; Joel Gagnon, Mill Manager; Steve MacKinnon, MP; Sylvie Berube, MP; Marcus Powlowski, MP; Jean-Francois Guillot, Chief Operating Officer.

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Jean-Francois Guillot, Chief Operating Officer, co-hosted a tour of the Resolute paper mill alongside local Member of Parliament Steven MacKinnon in Gatineau on September 20 as part of National Forestry Week.

Joined by fellow Members of Parliament Sylvie Berube, Gary Vidal and Marcus Powlowski, Mr. MacKinnon was proud to show off the historic mill, which helped found the city of Gatineau when it first opened in 1926.

Newsprint produced at the Gatineau paper mill is made from biomass sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable hydroelectricity. The mill is a sustainability success story and has reduced its indirect emissions by 90% since 2015. Forests managed in the Outaouais are certified to sustainable forestry standards such as FSC and SFI (maybe spell out?)

If you indulge in reading the Sunday New York Times for example, you might be interested to know the newsprint for the paper edition comes from this mill. The paper is printed digitally in Canada and the mill produces 1 kilometer of newsprint every minute.

Thank you to Mr. MacKinnon and his fellow parliamentarians joining us for the tour!

Source: Paper Excellence