Mondi's Acquisition of Hinton Pulp Mill Marks Major Expansion in Canadian Market

Hinton Pulp Mill

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Mondi welcomes Hinton Pulp mill into its group.

The "Day 1" celebration at the Alberta-based facility, attended by guests including Matt Jones, CFA, Alberta's Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade and Mayor Nicholas Nissen, highlights the significance of this milestone for the kraft paper community.

The acquisition solidifies Mondi's position in the Canadian market, promising collaboration, growth, and prosperity. With excitement and optimism abound, Mondi is poised to leverage its expertise to propel Mondi Hinton to new heights, enriching Canada's industrial landscape.

The establishment of kraft paper production in Hinton enables Mondi to manufacture raw materials for tailored products closer to its current ten North American facilities, eliminating the need to import paper from Europe. Additionally, Mondi is exploring an expansion initiative to integrate a kraft paper machine into the site, which can produce up to 200,000 tonnes of paper annually.

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About Mondi
Mondi plc, is a multinational packaging and paper group, boasts a workforce of 22,000 individuals spread across 30 countries. Headquartered in Weybridge, United Kingdom, and Vienna, Austria.