New research initiative aims to bolster the social acceptability and resilience of forest management

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A team from the University of Quebec in Outaouais (UQO), led by Dr. Christian Messier, is field-testing a new approach to forest management that leverages the natural strengths of forest ecosystems to positively shift the public’s perception of forestry while improving the resilience and adaptability of our forests.

Along with the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI) and some 40 Canadian partners, Resolute is contributing C$35,000 to the five-year (2023-2027), $6 million initiative that combines the expertise of the research team with experience from companies, universities, provinces, First Nations and NGOs, such as Ducks Unlimited Canada and Nature Conservancy of Canada.

The project is focused on leveraging tree species diversity to improve long-term forest resilience, maximize recovery rates from environmental stressors such as climate change, and optimize the adaptability of forests without affecting harvesting levels. The initiative also aims to foster the social acceptability of this new approach to forest management.

Over the years, Resolute has provided substantial financial support to universities to drive innovation in the forest products sector. Projects like this one will highlight all the benefits that flow from a well-managed forest. To learn more about our research partnerships, visit our corporate website.

Source: The Resolute Blog