Nova Scotia Pulp Mill Deal Sparks Mixed Reactions

Industry News
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A deal between the Nova Scotia government and Paper Excellence to settle a lawsuit and explore building a new pulp mill on the South Shore has divided communities.

The agreement ends the legal battle over the shuttered Northern Pulp mill in Pictou County. While Pictou residents welcome the closure due to improved air quality and recent economic development, the mayor cautions against a new mill, citing concerns about Paper Excellence's environmental record.

Environmentalists strongly oppose any new mill, fearing a repeat of pollution and unsustainable forestry practices. They argue the economic benefits wouldn't justify the environmental damage.

However, the news brings hope to Liverpool on the South Shore. Residents there see a potential new mill as an economic lifeline, offering much-needed jobs after the closure of the Bowater mill in 2012.

Pictou County grapples with job losses from the Northern Pulp closure. Some community leaders see this as an opportunity to diversify the economy and move away from a reliance on heavy industry.

The deal hinges on approval by the British Columbia Supreme Court and includes a feasibility study for the new mill in Liverpool. The outcome could significantly impact both communities and the province's future economic landscape.