The Apprentice: Irving Pulp & Paper Invests in Skilled Trades

Industry News
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Irving Pulp & Paper is investing in skilled trades, with twenty apprentices currently working in the mill, four of whom are expected to receive their Red Seal certification in the upcoming year.

The twenty apprentices include industrial electricians, industrial mechanics (millwrights) and instrumentation control technicians. The growing demand for skilled tradespeople across New Brunswick enhances the importance of ensuring top-tier programming and support for apprentices is available here at home.

"Being able to continue to grow and develop in my career learning from top-notch professionals all while staying in New Brunswick is the best," says Mitch Gallant, industrial electrician apprentice.

Apprenticeship is a long-standing part of New Brunswick's post-secondary education and plays a major role in successfully developing skilled trades careers. Investing in the talented next generation while providing rewarding careers here at home.

J.D. Irving Limited’s Pulp & Paper Division employs over 220 tradespeople and is hiring. For more information on open positions, visit:

Source: JD Irving