Breaking Ground: EIL/Replus Tissue Unveils its Premier Tissue Paper Roll!

International News
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In a notable development, EIL/Replus Tissue has officially commenced operations at its inaugural tissue machine, marking a significant milestone in the company's trajectory.

Boasting a capacity to produce 130 tons per day and operating at a swift speed of 2,000 meters per minute, this cutting-edge facility reflects the organization's unwavering commitment to advancement and excellence within the tissue paper sector.

This achievement stands as a testament to the collective expertise and dedication of the company's team, whose combined efforts have been instrumental in the successful design, construction, and commissioning of the plant. Their tireless pursuit of quality and efficiency has been pivotal in achieving such impressive capabilities, particularly considering the relatively short span of the company's existence, which spans just three years.

As EIL/Replus Tissue celebrates this significant milestone, gratitude is extended to every team member whose diligence and proficiency have played a crucial role in bringing the project to fruition. Their shared ethos of perseverance and dedication underscores the organization's commitment to delivering excellence in all endeavors.

Looking forward, EIL/Replus Tissue remains steadfast in its determination to leverage this accomplishment as a springboard for future growth and success. With a firm focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the company is poised to continue its ascent as a prominent player in the tissue paper industry.