Metsä Group is looking into the construction of the first mill producing Muoto packaging in Rauma

Rauma mill. Image Source: Metsä Group

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Metsä Group is conducting a pre-study related to the construction of a first commercial mill for producing Muoto™ packaging products on its Rauma mill site, Finland.

The goal is to determine the mill’s technical feasibility and economic profitability.

It is envisioned that the mill will produce Muoto fibre-based packaging tailored to various uses in people’s daily lives. Muoto is a wood-based alternative to plastics and aluminium in food packaging, for example. In addition to being easy to mould in different shapes, Muoto is lightweight, strong and recyclable.

Muoto products have been developed at the joint demo plant of Metsä Group’s innovation company Metsä Spring and Valmet in Äänekoski, Finland, since May 2022. The demo plant has conducted parallel development of the fibre-based packaging and an entirely new production method that converts wood fibre into safe packaging while saving raw material, energy and water.

“Metsä Group is committed to developing new products that generate added value for Nordic wood. If constructed, a mill producing Muoto packaging will serve as an excellent example of the forest industry’s development work that creates new alternatives to fossil-based products,” says Niklas von Weymarn, Metsä Spring’s CEO.

The location of Rauma in South-Western Finland proved ideal for the Muoto business. Metsä Group has a pulp mill in the area, as well as a sawmill that started up in 2022. The area is also home to competent professionals.

“Sharing the same location as the pulp mill secures raw material supply and offers benefits in the energy and many common operations. The short distance to the export port also enables smooth product shipments to customers,” says Jarkko Tuominen, Metsä Spring’s VP, Projects.

Apart from conducting the pre-study, the Muoto project continues to develop the production method at the Äänekoski demo plant, survey the interest among customers and develop a business model for the commercial stage.

Metsä Group

Metsä Group is leading the way in advancing the bioeconomy. We invest in growth, bioproduct development and a fossil free future. The raw material for our products is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. We focus on the growth sectors of the forest industry: wood supply and forest services, wood products, pulp, fresh fibre paperboards, as well as tissue and greaseproof papers.

Metsä Group’s annual sales amount to approximately EUR 7 billion, and we have around 9,500 employees in around 30 countries. We promote a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion. Our international Group has its roots in the Finnish forests: our parent company is Metsäliitto Cooperative which is owned by over 90,000 forest owners.

Source: Metsä Group