Mondi Makes Strides in Water Efficiency at Bulgarian Mill

Image Source: Mondi

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Mondi, a leading international paper and packaging group, is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and has announced significant progress in reducing water consumption at its Stambolijski mill in Bulgaria.

The company prioritizes responsible water management, investing in modern water infrastructure and efficient practices. This focus ensures minimal disruption to water availability in surrounding areas, particularly in regions facing water scarcity.

Mondi meticulously tracks its water usage, monitoring both withdrawal and release. In 2023, an impressive 92% of the water used by the company found its way back into the aquatic environment.

The Stambolijski mill exemplifies Mondi's dedication to water conservation. The local team successfully identified opportunities to optimize water use within their pulp and paper processes. This included the installation of a turbo blower on the paper machine and a cooling tower for the turbine and evaporation area.

These improvements have yielded significant results, with a 30% reduction in specific contact water consumption at the mill compared to 2020 baseline levels.

"Water is essential for our paper and pulp production," explains Alexander Krickler, Managing Director of Mondi Stambolijski. "We have a responsibility to use it as efficiently as possible. By closing the water loop further, we're not just conserving water, we're also improving our energy efficiency, as releasing warm water also signifies energy loss."

Mondi's commitment to water stewardship sets a positive example for the industry, demonstrating that responsible resource management and operational excellence can go hand-in-hand.