SCA first with electric timber truck in the forest

The picture shows the electric timber truck in Umeå when it was used for test drivings in the forest for a day in 2023. Photo: Henke Olofsson.

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In the fall of 2024, SCA takes the next step in sustainable timber transports by inaugurating another electric timber truck from Scania.

The new electric timber truck will be equipped with a crane and will collect timber from the forest for transport to a timber terminal.

For two years, SCA has operated the world's first electric timber truck for timber transports between SCA’s timber terminal Gimonäs and Obbola paper mill.

"It's going very well. We have also tried using the truck to collect timber in the forest, and it was a very successful trial. Therefore, we felt it was time to take the next step in electrifying our heavy transports together with Scania," says Mikael Sundelin, Head of Business Development at Industrial Supply, SCA Skog.

Unlike the electric timber truck in Umeå, the new truck will be equipped with a crane, which is common for most timber trucks collecting timber in the forest.

"Our new electric timber truck has a better range and will drive to timber storage areas in the forest where it loads the timber for further transport to one of our timber terminals. We expect the truck to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 170 tons per year compared to a regular timber truck," says Anton Ahlinder, Business Developer at Industrial Supply, SCA Skog.

The truck will be owned and operated by a haulage company with whom SCA has a close partnership.

"We support the haulage company, but they will be the owners of the truck. We do the same with our conventional timber transports, and we want more haulage companies to dare to transition to electric vehicles when it becomes possible," says Anton.

The exact location where the truck will operate will be announced later. Currently, Scania is manufacturing the truck, and then they will conduct some tests on it before it is delivered to SCA and the haulage company for inauguration and operation in the fall.

Source: SCA