Stora Enso and Altris Join Forces to Create the World's Most Sustainable Battery

Source: Stora Enso

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European companies Stora Enso and Altris have joined forces to create a game-changer in the battery industry: the world's most sustainable battery.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize battery production not just in terms of environmental impact, but also by fostering a self-sufficient European battery value chain.

Stora Enso, a leader in biomaterials, brings Lignode® to the table. This innovative material is a hard carbon derived from lignin, a byproduct of wood pulp production. Lignode® serves as a sustainable alternative to current anode materials in both lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.

Altris, a Swedish developer specializing in sodium-ion batteries, will integrate Lignode® into their cell design. Sodium-ion batteries themselves offer advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries, boasting abundant and readily available materials. The combination of Altris' technology with Stora Enso's bio-based Lignode® promises a significant leap in battery sustainability.

This partnership goes beyond the environmental benefits. Currently, most battery materials are sourced from outside Europe. By utilizing Lignode®, a readily available material from European forests, Stora Enso and Altris aim to establish a localized battery supply chain. This will minimize environmental impact associated with transportation and promote energy independence within Europe.

"Bio-based materials are key to a more sustainable battery future," said Juuso Konttinen, Senior Vice President & Head of Biomaterials Growth at Stora Enso. "With Lignode®'s potential to be the world's most sustainable anode material, this partnership perfectly aligns with our goals for a greener electrification process."

Altris shares this commitment. Björn Mårlid, CEO of Altris, expressed his enthusiasm: "We are excited to collaborate with Stora Enso on their tree-to-anode supply chain. This partnership positions us to develop and commercialize the world's most sustainable battery in the coming years."

The future of sustainable electrification seems bright with Stora Enso and Altris at the forefront. Their collaboration holds the promise of not only a greener battery solution but also a more secure and self-sufficient European energy landscape.