Fresh and Recycled Fibers: Partners in a Sustainable Paper Cycle

Image Source: Mondi

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Mondi, a leading paper and packaging producer, tackles a common question: why not use 100% recycled paper? Their answer highlights the crucial partnership between fresh and recycled fibers in maintaining a healthy paper cycle.

Imagine a paper recycling loop without fresh wood fibers entering the system. Recycled fibers degrade with each cycle, losing strength and quality. While recent studies suggest potential for more cycles under ideal conditions, practical limitations exist. Contaminants and impurities in recycled paper shorten fiber life. To ensure strong, high-quality paper products, a constant influx of fresh wood fiber is necessary.

Recycling isn't perfect. Processing losses occur, removing impurities and replenishing lost materials. Additionally, not all paper is recyclable, like hygiene products. Finally, collection efficiency plays a role. Even with Europe's impressive 82.5% paper recycling rate, limitations exist. Mondi emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach, utilizing both recycled and virgin fibers to create resource-efficient products.

Mondi demonstrates their commitment to sustainability in several ways. Last year, they used 1.3 million tonnes of recycled paper, actively participating in the recycling cycle. They also collaborate with industry associations like 4evergreen to improve fiber-based packaging recyclability in Europe.

Since most of Mondi's business relies on fiber, responsible wood sourcing is critical. They advocate for sustainable working forests, balancing production with ecological needs to ensure biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. Additionally, Mondi utilizes FSC™ and PEFC certification schemes to ensure responsible fiber sourcing practices.

In conclusion, fresh and recycled fibers work together to create a sustainable paper cycle. Mondi's commitment to responsible sourcing and utilizing both recycled and virgin fibers demonstrates their leadership in sustainable paper and packaging solutions.