Graphic Packaging unveils Vision 2030: Our journey to global leadership in sustainable consumer packaging

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A commitment to innovation, sustainability and meeting the rapidly-evolving demands of modern consumers — these are just a few drivers behind Vision 2030, Graphic Packaging’s strategy to extend our global leadership in sustainable consumer packaging.

This multi-year plan will be executed across the company’s global network of more than 100 packaging locations that service the world’s leading brands in food, foodservice, beverage, household products and other consumer staples.

Vision 2030 marks a major shift from Vision 2025. We have made significant investments in capabilities, people and assets, transforming our business well beyond what we imagined in Vision 2025. With the rollout of Vision 2030, we are pursuing more ambitious goals, better aligned with who we are and the opportunities we see ahead.

“Graphic Packaging is a very different company than it was just a few years ago, with unmatched breadth and depth in our sustainable packaging portfolio,” said Michael P. Doss, President and CEO at Graphic Packaging Holding Company. “Vision 2030 brings together the full power of our team – and of our innovation, design and execution capabilities – to deliver outstanding results for our customers, our shareholders, and all of our stakeholders.”


Build the leading sustainability-focused consumer packaging innovation platform

Powering Vision 2030 is our investment in packaging innovation. We will continue to prioritize the people and capabilities needed to execute on the scale our customers require to meet the pace and preferences of modern consumers.


  • 2% annual innovation sales growth
  • Every new product innovation more circular, more functional and more convenient than existing alternatives
  • Create a multi-generational portfolio of solutions leverageable across products and geographies

Enable a safe, inclusive, customer-focused culture

Our incredible team is responsible for our company’s success, and we are committed to our employees’ well-being, sense of belonging and fostering their career growth and development. As a top priority, we will advance our culture of safety, inclusion and customer focus.


  • Zero life injuries
  • 75th percentile in employee engagement (Gallup Q12®)
  • Women in leadership positions to 35%; US ethnic diversity to 40%
  • Enhance the communities in which we operate

Steadily and measurably improve the environmental footprint of consumer packaging

Our pledge to sustainability expands beyond our plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, grow renewable energy, and use all resources responsibly. With virtually every new product we sell, we help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals.


  • Achieve approved 2032 science-based targets for Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions reductions
  • 90% renewable fuel use in wood fiber paperboard manufacturing facilities
  • 50% purchased renewable electricity
  • 100% purchased forest products sustainably sourced

Consistently execute for customers, shareholders and all stakeholders

As we execute toward Vision 2030, we will deliver consistent results that reflect our collective efforts. Our trajectory will follow consumer markets – meaning, we go where the consumer goes, and our financial results will reflect that balance.

  • Leverage unmatched global capabilities for customers and consumers
  • Deliver consistent and strong financial results across all economic conditions
  • Invest in team and innovation capabilities to be the global leader in sustainable consumer packaging

Our shared purpose – packaging life’s everyday moments for a renewable future – is central to Vision 2030. It dictates our actions and underpins our relationships with customers, as we strengthen our role as a critical partner in their journey.

“We enable our customers to meet their own sustainability goals, and very few companies can do that with the impact that we can,” Doss said.

“Our goal is to make Graphic Packaging the world’s undisputed leader in sustainable consumer packaging, and Vision 2030 marks our commitment to making that happen,” he added.

Source: Graphic Packaging