Lecta, committed to purchasing certified and controlled pulp and fiber

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​To protect forests and the environment.

Wood is a natural, renewable resource, and Lecta firmly supports its responsible use to preserve forests, the environment and its value for our society at large.

Our Responsible Purchasing of Wood and Forest-Based Products Policy states our commitment regarding the purchasing of pulp and fiber. The policy and its requirements, along with the principles in our Code of Ethics and Lecta's Integrated Management System Policy, ensure the correct management of our purchases, in line with our sustainability targets.

In keeping with these values, Lecta’s PEFC and FSC® C011032 Chain of Custody system has been in place for years to guarantee accountability and the protection of forest resources through tracking systems.

In 2022, 87% of the pulp purchased by Lecta was certified and 100% was from controlled sources. The target set for 2030 is for 100% of the pulp we purchase to be certified and controlled.

Find out more about Lecta's pulp and fiber purchasing in our 2022 Sustainability Report​.

More information about Lecta's commitment to sustainability can be found at www.lecta.com.​​

Source: Lecta