Toscotec renews support for sustainability festival Pianeta Terra in Lucca

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Toscotec has renewed its sponsorship of Pianeta Terra Festival, a far-reaching dive into Sustainability running from 5th to 8th October in Lucca, Italy.

Following the vastly successful first edition of 2022, the festival organizers, the publisher Laterza and its director, prominent plant neurobiologist and author Stefano Mancuso, have decided to focus this second edition on the theme of “The Network of Life”, i.e. the dense, ingenious network that binds together all living creatures.  

Sustainability is explored from a multidisciplinary perspective that spans across ecosystems, climate, new economic models, energy, agriculture, food, urban development, but also new political, social, philosophical, anthropological, and artistic visions. The festival sets out to disseminate knowledge and prompt conversations around the theme of Sustainability, as well as promote a deeper understanding of our close interdependence with Nature.

“We are happy to renew our support for Pianeta Terra Festival among the great anticipation we are witnessing of its return to Lucca this October” says Alessandro Mennucci, CEO of Toscotec. “We look forward to seeing the festival hit a new record-high in public turnout, with people from our province as well as visitors joining in and reverberating the discourse on this crucial subject.” 

The program of Pianeta Terra Festival is online:  

Giulia Fabbri 
Sustainability & Communication Senior Manager 
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Source: Toscotec