Recognizing Dr. Cláudia Esteves: Winner of the Heinzel-Mondi-Sappi Award 2023

Image Source: RISE

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On May 24, the annual award ceremony for the Heinzel-Mondi-Sappi Award 2023 was held at the Paper and Biorefinery 2023 conference in Graz. Dr. Cláudia Esteves was awarded in the Pulping Process category.

Dr Claudia Esteves works as a researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and received her dissertation on December 16 and her thesis is entitled "Increased pulp strength through oxygen delignification".

From abstract: “Oxygen delignification is widely used in the pulp and paper industry as a part of delignification process between the kraft cook and bleaching. However, its potential has not been fully utilized. Rather than an intermediate process between cooking and bleaching, oxygen delignification is a strong oxidizing agent with powerful effects on the pulp properties, the hypothesis that oxygen delignification has the potential to improve the pulp mechanical properties was investigated.” Link to ''Oxygen delignification''